Rochester General Hospital (RGH) and the Rochester Union of Nurses & Allied Professionals (RUNAP) met today for our eleventh bargaining session since negotiations began in October. The session began at 10 a.m.  and ended shortly after 4 p.m., with both sides discussing numerous issues as they work towards a first collective bargaining agreement.

RGH made a significant offer to increase RGH wages. RGH offered a 6% wage increase for all RNs that would become effective next month on July 16, 2023.  RGH planned this increase for all RRH RNs in the Finger Lakes Region to help recruit, retain and remain competitive.

Under our offer, RGH and RUNAP will continue to negotiate economic and non-economic proposals, but any contractual wage increases would take effect on June 1, 2024 or later so we can stabilize the system financially and so we can carefully review other changes to our compensation structure.  RGH also offered to include RUNAP in any other system wage program increase for RNs that may occur between now and June 2024.

Unfortunately, RUNAP rejected the offer and declined to include the RUNAP nurses in the wage increase.  The reason they gave was because they did not agree that future contractual wage increases would only take effect after June 1, 2024.

RGH also made 13 new counterproposals on many of the outstanding non-economic issues on the table.  One of these counterproposals related to Parking, which RUNAP accepted and so we were able to come to a tentative agreement on this topic today.  Under the Parking provision, RGH will provide free parking to all RUNAP nurses for the term of the contract.

RGH also shared a presentation with the union about the accomplishments, strategies and challenges of ongoing nurse recruitment.  RUNAP’s team asked a number of questions and this led to a detailed and productive discussion.

During the Session, in addition to the 6% wage increase proposal made by RGH, the Parties Discussed the Following Counterproposals from RGH:


The Parties also discussed a new Counterproposal from the Union:

RUNAP provided RGH with a new counterproposal on Hours, Overtime, On-Call & Schedules.  RGH is reviewing this proposal and will respond at a future session.

What’s Next

RGH and RUNAP are scheduled to meet again for bargaining on June 15 and July 13. We will issue another update following each of those sessions to keep you informed. You can sign up to receive email or text alerts when a new bargaining update is posted to the website and also submit any questions. Please visit for more information.