Rochester General Hospital (RGH) and the Rochester Union of Nurses & Allied Professionals (RUNAP) met today for our seventh bargaining session since negotiations began in October. The session began at 10 AM and ended just before noon, with both sides discussing several issues as they work towards a first collective bargaining agreement.

At the beginning of the session, RGH presented an overview of a new workforce education program that will help employees develop in-demand skills needed to support their career growth. RUNAP was receptive to the program and agreed to participate once it’s implemented.


During the session, the Parties Discussed the Following Counterproposals from RGH:


RUNAP presented no counterproposals on the numerous open articles that the two parties have previously discussed.


What’s Next

RGH and RUNAP will be exchanging dates for the next bargaining session. We will issue another update following the next bargaining session to keep you informed. Please visit for more information. You can sign up to receive email or text alerts when a new bargaining update is posted to the website and also submit any questions.